Karma —its amazing connections and the laws of physics

By Samar Kaiser

Newton’s third law of motion states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. While Newton’s Law acts instantly, karma can take days, years or even decades to return.

Karma has no deadline

Karma Connection One

An Act of Kindness: One day, as my father drove home, he saw a crowd near his house. On inquiry, he found that a four-year old girl had slipped out of the house, unnoticed by anyone, and her mother was hysterical. Instead of going home, my father decided to go looking for the little girl. After driving around for some time, he found the girl walking on the sidewalk of the main road. He stopped the car, picked up the girl, and returned her to the mother who was still panic-stricken in the crowd.

Karma Different Culture
My father

Good Karma Returns: Six years after the little girl’s recovery, good karma returned. One day, it occurred to me to pick up my children early from school in order to get a good parking space.  This is how I ended up at the exact moment to stop a stranger walking away with my five-year old son, while the school was still in session.  On inquiry, we were told that there was a mix-up by somebody’s new driver who did not recognise the kid he was supposed to pick. Our family was, thus, saved a lot of anguish.  Later, when I thought about the scary incident, I made the connection with my father finding and returning the little girl to her mother.

Karma Connection Two

Random Acts of Kindness:  Selflessness was a way of life with daddy – from lovingly looking after the family, to helping people in need, to effortlessly forgiving people who had wronged him. He was even kind to some people who had caused him a significant financial loss. These acts of kindness returned when he got an unexpectedly huge return on one of his investments. It was as if he knew some deep universal secret that gave him the courage to act with grace under all circumstances. What he knew for sure was that you cannot go wrong doing the right thing.

The universe has precise functions such as the laws of physics. This indicates that there is order and balance in the universe. It, therefore, defies logic that an imbalance of karma will remain forever. Sometimes karma debt is carried over into the afterlife.

Not everything that happens in your life is karma, but if you can make a connection, then perhaps it is. Everything in your life, your past, present and the future are connected. History will repeat itself until you do something differently to stop the cycle. Every good you do will affect the world. The easiest explanation of karma: the best way to look after yourself is to look after others.


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Samar Kaiser

Samar is the former chairperson of Pakistan Air Force Welfare Association, PAFWA (Masroor Base), and an air force wife. She is a devoted mother and passionate about helping the poor. A strong, independent woman, she is not easily swayed by popular hype in the media or in her immediate surroundings. Samar chooses to enjoy the company of good friends, but is equally comfortable with her own. Now that she has raised her children and they are independent adults, she fills her days creating art, writing, and reading. Her presence is calming and reassuring – a sentiment felt by those who know her personally and are fortunate to be included in her family and friends.

“Trees” painted by Samar Kaiser: Oil on canvas

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