SEO for Blogs

How We Can Help

  •     A 30-minute on-line discussion on how to create a blog.  We used WordPress, but have also used Google sites
    and Wix.
  •     A 30-minute on-line discussion on the basics of SEO for the blog. 
    Email one of us to book a time: or
  •     And lastly, because we love discussing literature, we’re open to an on-going discussion about a piece of
    literature that inspires you and how you would like to write a post to include on Tillism طلسم: MAGICAL WORDS FROM AROUND THE WORLD.  We can set up a 30-minute google call followed by communications online.

We would like to connect with you if you are looking for (a) a thought partner to discuss creating a blog or (b) an opportunity to submit your work without having to wait too long for feedback.

As 2021 proceeds and you’re still wondering what goals to set for this year, you might consider setting one to submit your writing on a regular basis.   If you have never submitted your work before, this might be an easy win for you.