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Tillism co-founders, Selma Tufail and Anniqua Rana, in the spotlight:

Anniqua & Selma In the Media
Anniqua Rana and Selma Tufail



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Wild Boar in the Cane Field
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Selma Tufail has always navigated through the worlds of literature, art, and education both in the classroom and in the media. Life’s journeys took her around the world where she taught, wrote, and created art in Spain, Qatar, the U.A.E. the U.S, and Pakistan. Throughout, she continued her pursuit of creativity in all its forms. She is currently co-managing a blog, with her sister, Anniqua Rana. Tillism means magic, and this is where they both share their fascination with creativity in all its forms.

Anniqua Rana is a lifelong educator and writer. She feels like a Californian because of the number of years she has called it home. Pakistan and England are also home because that’s’ where she spent her childhood. Her newest passion is to engage with readers, writer’s, and artists across the globe through and the media in general. Her debut novel, Wild Boar in the Cane Field, is the story of a young girl narrated by flies that covered her at birth. The novel has been published in the US and Pakistan.