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In another age, we would have met for a latte at the local café to discuss art, literature, and life. Today, we bring the conversation to you through this blog, Tillism (Magic) طلسم , a conversation which will transport you to the magical words of literature from around the world. So make yourself a chai latte and join us.

Latest from Tillism

Toledo, Spain

Toledo, Spain: the desire to experience its unique soul

“First, tell me about the Visigoths while we walk to Rome.” Anniqua looks up at me from the old Roman road next to the mosque in Toledo, Spain.

Troubling Identities and the Minds that Shape them

“I want to shed identities that no longer reflect who I am. I want to get off the plank with the nail, and stop spinning with my irrelevant selves.”

The Art of Lying

The Art of Lying

“But you have a way of saying things that makes the world seem like a wonderful place. That’s as good as lying from where I stand.”

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