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In another age, we would have met for a latte at the local café to discuss art, literature, and life. Today, we bring the conversation to you through this blog, Tillism (Magic) طلسم , a conversation which will transport you to the magical words of literature from around the world. So make yourself a chai latte and join us.

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Dogwood tree in Yosemite May 2011 Dogwood" by Trace Nietert is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Happy to hug a tree in Yosemite

Take the case of the dogwood tree, Cornus florida, belonging to the Phylum Spermatophyta—if you’re wondering. It’s a Native American plant that has been burdened with a heavy crime for its 40-foot frame. Granted it is strong enough to make golf clubs and wooden mallets, but its main crime does seem biologically questionable.

the man who flew the devil

The Man Who Flew the Devil –and the Emerald-Eyed Empress

For here lie the mortal remains of the man who once flew the devil in the back seat and famously said: “the fate of the world was in my hands.”

mi padre fallecido

La presencia de mi padre fallecido: cuentos de lo inesperado

Desde entonces, no he sentido mucha la presencia de mi padre otra vez. Pero cada vez que recuerdo este incidente, casi puedo escucharlo reír, su risa feliz y despreocupada.

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