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In another age, we would have met for a latte at the local café to discuss art, literature, and life. Today, we bring the conversation to you through this blog, Tillism (Magic) طلسم , a conversation which will transport you to the magical words of literature from around the world. So make yourself a chai latte and join us by commenting on our blog posts.

And for a viewing of Selma’s art, visit her gallery here.

Latest from Tillism


Anniqua was ready to fall in love. At one moment she was sitting beside Bourdain at a restaurant in the hills of Granada enjoying snails in almond sauce, and the very next in the Asturias feasting on a white bean and sausage stew called fabada. She had no doubt that whatever she ate at this…

Finding Heaven Where I Least Expect It

“’Heaven is the place where you think of nowhere else’…I can believe that.” I tell Selma, quoting Pico Iyer.

“I think I’ve been able to find heaven wherever we’ve been, Chakwal, Faisalabad, Lahore, London, California…” I add.

Angkor, My Foot, by Alle C. Hall

Behind a moat that, in the heyday of Khmer power was filled with territorial crocodiles, was Angkor. For an instant, it felt as though a thousand years had not passed, as if Khmer culture still dominated Asia from Burma to as far south as Indonesia. As if the archaeologist Louis Delaporte had not removed the…

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