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Miguel de Cervantes Don Quixote & Selma


Anniqua was ready to fall in love. At one moment she was sitting beside Bourdain at a restaurant in the hills of Granada enjoying snails in almond sauce, and the very next in the Asturias feasting on a white bean and sausage stew called fabada. She had no doubt that whatever she ate at this restaurant in the railway station, it would cause “a flood of flavor” to explode within her. Wasn’t that what the tv shows had promised her?

Me and Don Quixote Don Quijote

Don Quijote el gran caballero andante, Sancho, y yo

En esos momentos es cuando me gustaba ir al encuentro de los molinos en lo alto del cerro para sentarme a los pies de” esos gigantes con aspas” sintiendo que todos mis problemas iban a ser triturados por las ruedas del molino y lanzados al viento que los alejaría de mi al infinito de esa llanura castellana sin fin.

Me and Don Quixote Don Quijote

Don Quixote the great knight-errant, Sancho, & me

I enjoyed going to meet the windmills at the top of the hill to sit at the feet of “those giants with blades” feeling that all my problems could be ground down in the wheels of the mill and thrown to the wind that would take them far from me into the infinite space of that endless Castilian plain.

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