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Tag: Faiz Ahmed Faiz

Salman Kureishi on Faiz

Persistence of Memory –Culture and Partition in the Poetry of Faiz Ahmed Faiz

In Blackout, Faiz mixes images of Muslim and Hindu sacred origins as a symbolic defiance of the Partition. In the lyrical and romantic poem Ya’d’ (Memory or Remembrance), the pain of separation from the beloved (Jan) and exile (fira’q & hijr) also represent a yearning for the pre-Partition problematic, undivided self. In these lyrical poems, Faiz constantly raises questions of ‘home’ and ‘exile’, that defy the space of separation of the two nation-states.

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Hassan Shah - Yaad

Yaad – Inspiration from Faiz and Others

“After having recently read Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s poem, titled Yaad, which is said to have been written during his time in exile, I began to reflect on all that I am now separated from, myself. “

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