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Tag: Punjabi Language Poetry

A smiling college graduate: Wajiha Saqib

Mere Purkhan di Virasat-The inheritance from my ancestors

Anwar Masood’s Punjabi shayari is beyond class politics and is for everyone. The humour of Masood’s Punjabi shayari speaks to every Punjabi about the Zinda-dilli and the josh-o-jazba of our culture and tradition. #Punjabipoetry #Alifseyeh #Anwarmasood

Sarrkaan/سڑکاں/ਸੜਕਾਂ/Roads-Inspired by Amrita Pritam

When I try to understand the Urdu poetry of Ghalib and the Punjabi writings of Amrita Pritam, and when I listen to contemporary Pakistani Punjabi singers like Bilal Saeed and Shamoon Ismail, I start to think thoughts in multiple languages

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